What’s wrong with ancap memes – Part 2

Debunking an Ancap meme. CAPITALISM EQUALS WAR

‘The meme is inaccurate. The oil price decline has nothing to do with shale oil (fracking) it has to do with USA’s geo political full specturm ‘cold’ war with Russia (ask ukriane’s howcold it is). They used their clinet state saudi arabia to over produce to hurt the Russian economy reliant on oil exports. It is massively hurting the Russian economy and the kind of idiot actions that could lead to a nuclear war that destroys all of humanity.

Yet the ancap meme maker believed the propaganda about fracking. Capital always has to expand thus war is used to open markets for cheep labour, resources & To make people dependentconsuming products owned by multinationals corporations.

War & destorying peoples independence from capitalist modes of production is how capitalism started. Primitive Capital accumulation “entailed taking land, say, enclosing it, and expelling a resident population to create a landless proletariat, and then releasing the land into the privatized mainstream of capital accumulation”.