The Commodification of Life

Capitalism is the method of ensuring that the privileged minority have everything they could possibly want while the working classes have just enough to keep them in line, at most. But this doesn’t just apply to food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, and other physical items.  The problems detailed below exist in our current statist-capitalist society, but would be much exacerbated in a propertarian one.

Health is a “free”-market commodity. Most of the factors that determine the health of a person are affected by the wealth of that person. A richer person can afford healthy, nutritious food, while the working classes can only afford cheap, unhealthy food. Those with money have access to the healthcare system, while those without don’t. Those who own the polluting factories can afford to live in the countryside, far from the poisons they are pumping into the air, while the working classes have no choice but to live nearby and fill their bodies with harmful toxins.

Protection from criminal activity is a “free”-market commodity. Those with wealth can afford to live in areas with low crime (areas with low poverty, as poverty is the biggest cause of crime), they can afford to secure their homes locks, alarms, cameras, and guards. They can afford to hire the privatized police force to pursue those who’ve wronged them, and pay judges to pass down harsh sentences. The working classes, however, are almost completely unprotected.

Having a say in the running of your community is also, unsurprisingly, a “free”-market commodity. The wealthy can afford to ensure the mass media puts across their views while disparaging alternative opinions. They can afford to pay “experts” to agree with them. And when all else fails, they can afford to hire the privatized police to force their will onto everybody. The working classes, on the other hand, can afford to have no control over their communities.

Freedom is yet another “free”-market commodity. Those with wealth have no need to work, and therefore have time to live the way they wish. They can afford to do the things they want, go where they want, say what they want, behave the way they want. The working classes, however, are restricted in their freedom. They can only be free during non-working hours (which are mostly spent eating, sleeping, and doing domestic duties), and even then their freedom is restricted because they can’t afford to travel, will be attacked by the police if their behaviour displeases the property-owning class or if they are caught saying anything that the property-owning class don’t want said, and are limited to only the activities they can afford.

Opportunity is a “free”-market commodity. Those with wealth can afford to send their children to the best schools, where they will not only get the best education but also the best networking contacts. They can also afford to financially support the profit-making activities of their children. Working class children get none of these privileges, they must make-do with an inferior education, no contacts, and no capital.

Wealth is a “free”-market commodity, available to those who can afford to own businesses, hire investment managers, and gamble large quantities of money. The working classes, who own only themselves, get only the going rate for labour, which must be used to survive and leaves them little to play with.

Propertarian claims that worker pay would increase in “An”capistan contradict both logic and history. There is a labour surplus, which means employers can pit workers against each other in wage wars. As they must work in order to survive, workers have no choice but to undercut each other to secure the work, leading to poverty wages.

And the “social mobility” that does exist makes no real difference. It may be possible for a small number of the working class to become wealthy, but it will never be possible for all of them to do so, as somebody has to do the work to provide that wealth.

Capitalism is a system that entrenches class privilege and denies health, happiness, and freedom to the majority of those who live in it. Propertarianism is the same, but more so.



What’s wrong with ancap memes – Part 2

Debunking an Ancap meme. CAPITALISM EQUALS WAR

‘The meme is inaccurate. The oil price decline has nothing to do with shale oil (fracking) it has to do with USA’s geo political full specturm ‘cold’ war with Russia (ask ukriane’s howcold it is). They used their clinet state saudi arabia to over produce to hurt the Russian economy reliant on oil exports. It is massively hurting the Russian economy and the kind of idiot actions that could lead to a nuclear war that destroys all of humanity.

Yet the ancap meme maker believed the propaganda about fracking. Capital always has to expand thus war is used to open markets for cheep labour, resources & To make people dependentconsuming products owned by multinationals corporations.

War & destorying peoples independence from capitalist modes of production is how capitalism started. Primitive Capital accumulation “entailed taking land, say, enclosing it, and expelling a resident population to create a landless proletariat, and then releasing the land into the privatized mainstream of capital accumulation”.



What’s Wrong With Ancap Memes – Part I

This meme is a mess in several ways. First, it is all over the place, I’m not sure what order I’m supposed to read this in.

More important than the bizarre layout choices they made is the confusion behind the meme itself. The target is “Socialistball”, which seems to be an amalgamation of parts of different socialist ideas bundled together in a way that makes them look ridiculous to the uneducated (propertarian) eye. What “Anarchy”ball refers to is not socialism as seen by most socialists, but that doesn’t matter when you’re trying to confuse people into hating something they don’t even understand.
According to the meme, socialists like nothing better than taxes. They don’t consider that taxes are not an ideal for socialists, but rather that they are preferable to the property-owning class taking everything they want but giving nothing back. While the government “steal” from capitalists, both capitalists and the government steal from the working classes. The biggest difference between them is that some of what the government steals comes back to us in the form of healthcare, unemployment support, roads, etc., while the capitalists keep every penny they take for their own, personal use.
“But that’s stupid, it’ll cause capital flight, even you admitted that”. This isn’t as much of a defense as propertarians assume. It just shows that capitalists will throw a tantrum and deny everybody the use of “their” property if they don’t get their way all the time. Capitalists have power over us and are very prepared to use it if we don’t capitulate to their every demand. So much for propertarianism not being authoritarian.
Overall this meme shows propertarian values perfectly: all they are interested in is not paying taxes (because why should they care about the suffering they cause?) and avoiding rules and regulations (though they enforce them on their workers). They don’t want freedom and equality, they want to be free from responsibility for their actions.